ediacs is a full-service publishing company of published authors, writing coaches, journalists, editors, graphic designers and computer technicians specializing in print and ebook publishing. We offer authors assistance in navigating through all the myriad steps of writing, publishing and marketing a written work.

As a small family-owned company with manageable overhead, we are able to provide our clients with a highly-personalized and comprehensive service at a reasonable cost. Initial telephone consultations up to 30-minutes are free-of-charge. Together, we will discuss your book project and how best to proceed.

Harpooning Donald TrumpAuthors, professionals, independent contractors, nonprofits, associations and companies of all sizes rely on our comprehensive suite of editorial and marketing services to create and publish their work quickly and inexpensively. Many of our clients hire us to create custom-designed websites to promote and publicize themselves and their work.—websites that are linked to social media pages and optimized to achieve a high browser ranking.

Mediacs will provide any level of support you need—mentoring, editing, design, marketing—to write, publish and publicize your written work on the worldwide web.

How can we help you?

  • Writing Your Book
    Our experienced writing mentors and editors will help you complete the journey from concept or manuscript to published book.
  • Designing Your Book
    Our graphic designer will work closely with you on the design of a totally unique book cover that will trully represent the story or subject of your book.
  • Publishing Your Book
    We will publish your book for electronic and/or traditional print distribution under our Mediacs imprint or an imprint of your choice. You will own the copyright to your work.
  • Publicizing Your Book
    We will maximize the sale of your book by creating a unique author's website with links to your social media pages, and a publicity package for distibution to online book reviewers, readers' groups, print media reviewers and bookstores.