Writing Your Book


Have an idea for a book but are uncertain about how to begin the creative process? Written a chapter or two and feel stuck? One-on-one sessions with our professional writing mentors, either in-person or on Skype or Facetime, will help you flesh out your concept, create a working outline or table-of-contents, and develop the work.

Our writing mentors will help you hone your writing skills and enrich the content of your project. The creative process of writing a publishable manuscript may take a while, but the journey can be immensely enjoyable and personally rewarding.

Deformed Book CoverEditing

Every writer, published and unpublished, needs the help of editors: A content editor to ensure your writing is both cogent and comprehensible; a copy-editor to correct punctuation, grammar and spelling, and a proofreader to do a line-by-line edit in the final stage before publication.


An eye-catching book cover is a crucial component of marketing a book successfully, online and in bookstores. Our graphic designer, Chloe Annetts, will work closely with you in creating a totally unique book cover that will trully represent the story or subject of your written work. All of the book covers on this website were designed by Chloe.